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Sophia Bush Stillness

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Each week a new image (or icon base) of Sophia will be posted, your job is to create an icon using only the pictures given. Since this is a stillness community, only non-animated icons are allowed.

1. Your icon must not be animated in any way.
2. Don't vote for your own icon.
3. Your icon must be in LiveJournal accepted format: 100x100 maximum, 40kb maximum, .png .gif or .jpg format.
4. If you vote for yourself your vote(s) will be disqualified!
5. Please don't post your icons anywhere (or use them anywhere) until after the winners of the challenge have been posted.

1. Icons must be submitted in a comment in the entry post.

2. Your submission should look like this:
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Banner: Please let me know if you want a banner if your icon wins.

If you have any suggestions, like what picture to use next, please post them here.

Challenge Timeline:
Sunday: New Challenge posted
Sunday - Saturday: Entries are submitted.
Saturday: Voting entry is posted.
Saturday - Sunday: Voting.
Sunday: Winners are posted.

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